Zarina Sahlan

A most fantastic experience! From the get go; Regenesis has the most accommodating staff. I was immediately made to feel at ease, this being my second visit after being discharged from hospital following a severe injury. I felt like I was at home as soon as I walked in. All aspects of my treatment, condition and follow up were clearly defined in a concise, honest fashion.

Dr. C was amicable and humorous, which made me far less apprehensive than my last visit to a physiotherapist. He was also honest and sincere. Dr. C performed some manual techniques (my first) and was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. I appreciated the fact that he answered all my questions with patience and understanding. If you live in Selangor or Klang Valley, or anywhere else for that matter, these folks should be your go to pain relievers. I cannot recommend them enough. Let me add that the facilities are immaculate!