Arrival and paperwork:

~Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for registration.
~Bring your referral form (if applicable), insurance information, or any scans/reports you may have.

Initial assessment:

Your physiotherapist will talk to you about your medical history, current symptoms, and goals for treatment.

~They’ll conduct a physical examination to assess your range of motion, strength, flexibility, and posture and dial down the root cause of your condition and explain the best approach to tackle it. This may involve some gentle movements and palpation.
~ Be prepared to discuss your pain levels and any activities that are difficult for you. 

Treatment plan:

Based on your assessment, your physiotherapist will develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

This may include:
Therapeutic exercises: Stretching, strengthening, and joint mobilization exercises to improve your movement and function.
Manual therapy: Hands-on techniques like massage or mobilization to relieve pain and stiffness.
Modalities: Ultrasound, dry needling, cupping or electrical stimulation to reduce pain and inflammation.
Education and self-management strategies: Learning how to manage your condition at home to prevent future injuries.

Communication and expectations:

Feel free to ask our physiotherapist any questions you have throughout the appointment.
Discuss your expectations and concerns openly to ensure your treatment plan is right for you.

The number of sessions you need will depend on your condition and progress. Our physiotherapist will provide an estimated timeline and adjust it as needed.